National Security College in Australian National University

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of security analysis (Study duration: 3 years full-time)

The Bachelor of Security Analysis (Asia-Pacific) degree provides for intensive foundation training in security analysis, significant language training in an Asian language and a flexible elective component that allows students to take further language courses or a major in another discipline relevant to their academic and vocational goals.

Normal completion time for the degree is three years. The structure features: ten courses [60 units] on security and contemporary affairs (including core units in Strategic Studies); an Asian language sequence (four courses)[24 units]; thereafter, students are free to take unprescribed elective courses (10 courses) [60 units], which may include a further major in a relevant disciplinary area, from outside the Faculty of Asian Studies.

Bachelor of Arts (international relations) (Study duration: 3 years full-time)

This program aims to introduce students to International Relations, initially via the broad historical and intellectual framework which has framed the modern world of states since the 17th century. It will then concentrate on International Relations in the 20th century, the age of World Wars and the Cold War, before finally addressing issues of the present age, the age of global political economy, global culture and communication, global environmental concerns and post-Cold war political conflict, including the 'War on Terror'.

The Australian National University is recognized for its leadership in the field of International Relations and has a number of staff that have undertaken extensive research in this area.

Bachelor of Arts (Policy Studies) (Study duration: 3 years full-time)

The Bachelor of Arts in Policy Studies focuses on the study of Public policy in Australia. Students take a major in both Political Science and Policy Studies. They also take a minimum of five economics related courses. Depending on the options chosen within the policy studies major and in relation to the three free courses, it is possible for a student to take a number of other courses in Philosophy, Sociology or History.

It is intended that students taking the degree will acquire an understanding of public policy making in the context of Australia's political, social and economic life. Skills will also be gained in economic analysis, statistics and clear thinking.

Bachelor of Asia-pacific Security (Study duration: 3 years full-time)

The Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Security degree provides specialist training in the international, internal, and transnational security challenges currently facing this important region. This degree is  intended for students wishing to pursue a career in relevant areas of  government and public policy [Defence, Foreign Affairs or Intelligence]  or wishing to undertake graduate work in the fields of strategic and/ or  security studies. The degree also includes training in an Asian language and sufficient flexibility to allow students to undertake additional electives in another discipline relevant to their academic  and vocational goals including further language training.

Bachelor of Information Technology (Study duration: 3 years full-time)

The Bachelor of Information Technology (BInfTech) prepares graduates to enter the computing industry work force as novice practitioners to develop software or to apply computing in human organizations. The graduate attains the technical knowledge of fundamentals of computer systems, programming languages, computer applications, and information systems. The computing industry has always been subject to very rapid change, and so we also aim to prepare graduates to meet the changes in practice and in technology that will be met during their working careers. The graduate can enter the fields of software development and support, information systems development and support, or many other broad areas of choice in computing or general industry.

All students who complete the BInfTech degree are eligible for professional membership of the Australian Computer Society.



Australia’s National University can also offer students the possibility of gaining further accreditation of honors in various areas of study. The length of study in acquiring honors is 1 year fulltime. The areas of study include:

Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of computer science

Bachelor of security analysis

Bachelor of Arts (Policy Studies)



Master of International Affairs (Study duration: 1 year full-time)

The Master of International Affairs (MIA) is designed for those who are seeking preparation for a career in international affairs with an Asia-Pacific focus, whether in diplomacy, the civil service, teaching, journalism or business. It is a 'professional' master-by-coursework degree taken over two semesters full time.


National Security College

Graduate Studies in National Security Policy

Graduate Certificate in National Security Policy

Graduate Diploma in National Security Policy

Master of National Security Policy

These programs aims to facilitate a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding current and emerging national security challenges, with specific emphasis on identifying sources of insecurity and effective counter-measures. It will also address the architecture of Australia’s national security, including relationships between relevant government and non-government entities.

The program aims to develop knowledge and skills in candidates through core courses and selected electives. In doing so, the program will investigate areas including:

  • challenges to Australia’s national security;
  • Australia’s national security architecture;
  • collaborative strategy development and implementation;
  • collaborative leadership; and
  • Using risk as a tool to prioritise national security resources.

Candidates will also be introduced to some research, analysis and communication skills of relevance to national security professionals.

Candidates will have access to a wide range of relevant electives provided by other ANU Colleges and potentially to selected electives from other universities.

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