National Fire Industry Association (NFIA)

Speaking for the Fire Industry since 1926

Working together we are building the future for OUR industry and the community 

NFIA goals

Our goals for NFIA is to raise the profile of the industry , influence the environment in which members operate
and increase the benefits of membership.


We believe our strengths as an association lie in the professionalism and knowledge of our membership, our industrial relations expertise, the size of our industry and finally the unity of our industry.


Is the lifeblood of the NFIA
Provides benefit to companies who participate

The membership rules allow entry to:

Fire sprinkler contractors
Fire alarm companies
Extinguisher companies
Passive fire companies
Training Organisations


Industial advice for all sectors
Commercial information
OH & S information specific to our industry
Development of industry training
Negotiation of EBA for all sectors
Lobbying on occupational licensing
Effective Networking between States
Lobbying governments, regulators, licensing authorities, developers, WorkCover authorities


VIC Executive Director- Carmel M Coate (03)9742 8811
WA Executive Director- Alan Layton (08)9362 5977
NSW Executive Director- Guy Waters (02)9868 3044
QLD Executive Director- Wayne Smith (07) 3882 6924
SA Executive Director- Christopher Rankin (08)8234 1718
President, QLD Councillor- Brian Davies (07)3325 4955
Vice President, SA Councillor- Ken Nealie (08)8363 3355
Secretary/Treasurer, WA Councillor- Daryl Zubrinich (08)9459 3366
NSW Councillor- Gordon Stalley (02)9980 8777
SA Councillor- Bob Crosby (08)8340 0956
QLD Councillor- Andrew Hickman (07)3208 0600
VIC Councillor- Haysam Mohtadi (03)9383 3456
VIC Councillor- Ryan Hamilton (03)9796 3361
National Technical Convenor- Jeff Wood
NSW Councillor- Stephen Trevor (02)9638 1662

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