Hotspot Thermal Imaging Solutions Pty Ltd

Hotspot Thermal Imaging Pty Ltd trading as Hotspot Electrical and Hotspot Group is an established company with a proven track record in providing Australia with quality products and services for 34 years.

Initially the company concentrated on electrical maintenance and installations but has since rapidly expanded its operations to include a Thermal Imaging Division seven years ago, (AINDT Certified) and now recently has opened up a Lighting Division concentrating on areas of energy efficiency, such as LED lighting, fibre optic lighting and low wattage fluorescent lighting which commenced five years ago.

Hotspot uses a proactive and professional approach to thermal imaging that can assist with a predictive maintenance action plan to reduce unscheduled shutdowns and to control and fix problem in their early stages. Thermal imaging can also assist in improving operations and detecting areas of poor performance.

With a big demand to reduce power comsumption LED Lighting is now being widely used in all applications. LED lighting is very energy efficient and has a long life span. With the ability to have full control with LED lighting it is a great option for any project. Hotspot Group are distributors and importers of LED lighting products through out Australia.

Hotspot's ongoing success has been due to understanding customers needs and expectations and always striving to exceed them.

Hotspot Group is available for consultancy, design, sales, manage, install and service.

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