Plenty of companies have a mission statement. Far fewer are really guided by it. Calamity was conceived by safety and security professionals who recognised a need for a high-quality, expert security service in an industry dominated by low-quality and under-performance. At Calamity, “quality” and “customer service” are more than just buzzwords. They are central elements of everything we do.

Our approach ensures all of our operations and staff activities are subject to quality control and quality assurance, and we go out of our way to achieve this. A formal system of internal review lets us identify problems or errors and eliminate them in order to deliver the high standards you should expect from us. The result: Our clients love us.

Our staff are from a wide variety of backgrounds, with a common thread of security, safety management, customer service and consulting skills. This professional diversity provides Calamity with knowledge and first-hand security experience across an enormous range of environments and unique areas, coupled with a solid grounding in asset protection and safety. We also maintain very close relationships with industry leaders and world-class subject matter experts nationally and abroad.

Security Guards

Calamity provides the highest quality of security guards to your organisation. We can assist your security management by taking complete care of access control, visitor screening, protection of people, cash and valuables, and guarding of critical and high-risk infrastructure. We have specific experience in anti-terrorism which pre-dates 9/11. Our services include specialised armed services. We can provide well groomed staff for your private functions, events and venue operations and have extremely rare experience in the protection of sensitive facilities, as well as lesser security facilities such as education, aged care and government.

We are fully licenced and heavily insured, and provide high quality service to discerning clientele who keep using us again and again, with good reason. Calamity is highly regarded for greatly exceeding typical security industry standards.

Electronic and Information Security

As the first Australian company to combine physical and IT security, our familiarity with technology is unsurpassed. We have unique systems which allow technology to multiply the effectiveness of security manpower and achieve a far greater return on your security investment.

This includes remote monitoring services and the underpinning site security systems and technology.

We deliver an end-to-end solution and glowing references are available. Visit our website for further details.

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