AUSTECC Industries Australian Tactical Equipment Clothing and Camping are a distributer of high quality products at reasonable prices. We deliver anywhere in Australia and around the world. We are licensed to distribute firearms and prohibted weapons.


What drives us

AUSTECC Industries orders from a wide range of suppliers of military and security equipment. Some retailers sell gear that looks good but either performs a limited function or does not perform as expected. (Based on reviews by soldiers and private security operators with operational service ranging from East Timor ro Iraq and Afghanistan) If it has not performed well for them, we don't sell it here.

AUSTECC is Australian owned and operated by serving and past serving members of the Royal Australian Infantry both ARA and SF.


Our People

Our people aim to process your order, source your equipment or respond to your questions as quickly as possible. We are always interested in hearing about new products that will be useful to people in the armed services, law enforcement or outdoor enthusiasts.

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